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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a form of therapy that has been practiced since the 1940s and aims to increase the patient's ability to participate more actively and creatively in his life, making use of his or her potential and highlighting his personality.

It is based on the idea that the response to music is an innate human quality that is not harmed by injury, disability or mental trauma. Music is used as a means of finding a way of communication between a therapist and a therapist, in order to develop the healing of his communication mechanisms, to become acquainted with himself and his abilities in order to better adapt to his immediate and indirect social environment.

The therapist does not teach music, nor does he encourage the patient to play in a specific way. It tries to accompany, support and broaden the musical or other stimuli the therapist gives, encouraging him to create his own language of communication. Music therapy is aimed at children and adults who experience motor or mental disabilities, psychological or emotional problems, behavioral or communication problems as well as learning difficulties.

Music therapy can be applied with individual or group sessions. The group participants also learn to team up, share, imitate, listen to each other and interact. These elements are particularly useful and beneficial especially for children. Also, children are ideal music therapy recipients, because beyond the spontaneity and musicality that they have by their very nature, they develop more easily other ways of communicating than speech, which is the typical way of our culture.

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