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Psychology - Child Psychology Department

“PRAXIS” Novel Therapeutic and Counseling Unit provide mental health services to children and adolescents.  Specifically, psychological diagnosis and evaluation sessions as well as individual and group support sessions and parent counseling is conducted.

  • Psychological Diagnosis and Evaluation:

In order for any treatment to be successful, a reliable and comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of the type and severity of the difficulties involved must first be made. Full psychological assessment is performed through history and psychometric testing. The aim is to evaluate the psychological functions of the individual. Mental: Raven, Wisc. Emotional: projective test (children's trace) and the characteristics of his personality: CAT-TAT.

  • Individual and group support meeting:

The sessions aim to relieve the child or teenager from feelings of sadness and anxiety, to work out conflicting issues that concern him and to facilitate his psycho-emotional development.

 For teenagers, counseling therapy promotes the socialization and development of the individual. Some issues that help sessions are:

  • Adherence to parents.
  • School phobia-denial.
  • Deficit attention with or without hyperactivity.
  • Reduced self-esteem.
  • Behavioral problems (aggression, lies, etc.).
  • Counseling parents:

It is a necessary procedure for parents whose children follow any treatment program as he plays an active role in assimilating treatment processes.

However, all parents can attend a counseling program in cases where there is some difficulty communicating or managing their children's behavior, as well as in cases of family crisis (segregation, death, etc.).

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