Social Service

Social Service in “Praxis” is responsible for:

  • The communication and cooperation with:
    • Institutions (organizations and clubs) φορείς ( συλλόγους, οργανώσεις )
    • Services (schools, Center for Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support KE.D.D.Y, administration of Social Solidarity)
    • Relevant professionals (doctors, therapists, special educators that work in the fields of mental health and education, aiming to support the integration of the people receiving help in our Unit, in the fields of professional and social life)
  • Direct and regular co-operation with the parents of the children attended by the Unit with the aim of empowering, relieving, and guiding and supporting all stages of child development through counseling.
  • Establishing groups of children in collaboration with their therapists, with a view to their social inclusion.
  • Creating parents' groups in collaboration with therapists to understand their children's difficulties and exchange experiences and views.
  • Creation of community awareness programs (on issues related to people with disabilities and special skills).
  • Counseling intervention for individuals and families facing social, emotional or interpersonal problems
Κοινωνική Υπηρεσία
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